Internship @WeChat Group


Product design intern


May - Aug, 2021


Guangzhou R&D Team


Guangzhou, China


I joined WeChat Group’s GZRD(Guangzhou Research & Development Center) as a product design intern in the summer of 2021. I worked alongside 14 designers and 24 product managers in the product design team. I was offered a full-time return position on the same team at the end of my internship.


My work desk


Company mascot in the office :p

Project highlights

WeChat Translate QQMail Intergration [Shipped🚀]

QQMail is the leading email service in China with over 100 million monthly active users. I had the opportunity to work on designing the experience of integrating WeChat Translate into QQMail.

Through our research, we have identified an important use case among global companies and language institutions that frequently send out dual-lingual emails.


By enabling the one-click translation integration, we effectively reduce friction for users who often find themselves juggling multiple browser tabs while composing or translating emails.

The feature is available in 13 languages including English, Japanese, and Korean. Check out the feature by composing an email on!

Multi-task Super Note [Exploratory]

An exploratory project aims to design an experience for a multi-task note-taking productivity tool. While the human brain can only focus on one thing at a time, with a limited attention span, technology is capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously. The super note allows users to record meetings as audio files and generate transcripts while typing meeting notes.


Webmail Component Library [Design system]

Audited and organized XMail module library with 100+ components



In school, I was always taught to strive for perfection, but I've come to realize that in the real world, there's no such thing as a perfect solution. The most important lesson I've learned at WeChat is that every design decision involves making trade-offs and prioritizing. It's essential to understand both the business objectives and the needs of each stakeholder, but ultimately, our role is to advocate for the users and solve the most important problems.

As an intern at WeChat, we would create timely reports to document our progress and learnings. Here are a few of them if you're interested in seeing my day-to-day (all in Chinese though, but if you're interested in checking out some graphics I created). See in Figma →